SaaS 11 is Live!

All Newly-Created Online Instances Will Use SaaS 11

What is a "SaaS" version?

As you may know, every year we release a new version of Odoo to both on-premises and Odoo Online users.

Our R&D team works hard all year to improve Odoo, and because we are so excited to share the latest features and improvements with our users, we periodically update Odoo Online in between major version releases. We call these intermediate versions "SaaS versions".

Because of SaaS releases, our online users don't have to go through major changes between each new version. Instead, they get upgrades on a regular basis and can enjoy parts of the next version before the on premise users.

 So now, before the major release of Odoo 10, which will be available on-premises and online, we are proud to present version SaaS 11 to our Odoo Online users.

So what's new in SaaS 11?

For this version, we focused most of our efforts on improving the API so it will run faster and be easier for developers to work with. This isn’t to say there’s nothing for the end user, though. We’ve made small changes to many apps to make them more intuitive and more useful. We’ve also introduced global keyboard shortcuts and a global search feature to make navigating Odoo quicker and easier than ever.

Below, we've listed the functional changes we've made.

Functional Changes

Timesheet app:

New view for Timesheet recordingValidation policy: decide to invoice on recorded timesheets or on approved oneNew report has been added to analyze the differences between attendances and timesheetsNew timesheet flow: Create timesheet entries using the mobile app, tasks, and/or the timesheet menu. Then, a manager approves them and launches the invoicing through the approvals menu.

New Product Catalog app: install the Product app to access the catalog from your apps dashboardAccounting app:

New module to import CAMT.053 XML files to populate bank statementsAnalytic accounting analysis