Odoo ERP Implementation Questionnaire

Give Short note about your company and Your business..

Do you have multi companies? If so what is the role of each company?

What Industry are you in?

Let us know your Organization Structure

How many Locations/Branches do you have? List out those.

How many Warehouse locations do you have?

How many Employees?

How many departments do you have? List out those

How many Customers do you have?

How many Vendors do you have?

What is your Current system?

What are all the limitations/pain points do you see in current system?

Specify the modules/features you may require

If other, please specify:

What Features do you need from new system which you don’t have in current system?

Do we need to migrate History data? If so, from how long? and what data needs to be migrated?

Do you have integrations with any 3rd Party software? If so, List out those

How many Transactions per day?

How many System users would you like to use?

Choose your Preferred location to host Odoo

When do you expect the system to be In Live?

What are all the core features to be addressed before go live?

Is there any high priority reports to be implemented for Go Live? If so, List out those

Choose the pricing model you prefer

How Long you require our support?